Thursday, March 10, 2016

Do NOT Switch To Nusach Sefard

The Ibn Ezra (Koheles 5) criticizes the Piyutim of the Kalir.*
He has four main complaints against them. 

1) Most of them are Chidos (riddles) & Mosholim (parables) 

2) Instead of Loshon Hakodesh he mixes in Loshon Hatalmud

3) He invents words & uses improper Dikduk (poetic licence)

4) They are based on Medroshos & Agodos instead of Pshat

The Teshuvas Maharashdam (O..Ch 35) claims, 
The Sephardic Paytonim  have a simpler and easier
language. Everybody can understand the Piyut, whereas the
Ashkenazi Paytonim use difficult words and even the
Shatz (Chazzan) doesn't understand what he is saying.

He recommends Ashkenazim to switch to Nusach Sefard,
which is a superior Nusach.  He claims "Al Titosh Toras
Imecha is only applicable when there is a small Issur involved
 and not for changing a Nusach Hatefilah.

The Chasam Sofer (Hagohos O.Ch.68) writes that "the Mahrashdam
wasn't aware of the Magen Avraham (68) who writes. you are
not allowed to change the Nusach Hatefilah because
there are 12 gates in heaven, one for each Shevet. Each one 
has his own Minhag. The Yerushalmi says, they are all equal
you should not change from the Minhag of your fathers."

Had the Maharshdam been aware of this M.A., he wouldn't
have written what he wrote".

*R' Eliezer  Hakalir


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  1. "Teshuvas Maharashdam.....recommends Ashkenazim to switch to Nusach Sefard, which is a superior Nusach"

    Maharshdam was Sepharadic, so no surprise that he claimed that. That is like Rav Ovadia Yosef claiming that, and claiming that R.Yosef Karo, the mechaber, is mara deasreh in Eretz Yisroel for all. Of course Ashkenazim reject such fanciful pronouncements. From the Ashkenaz point of view nusach Ashkenaz is superior. Ashkenaz mesorah is superior, that is what gedolei Ashkenaz such as the Rosh have taught us.


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