Monday, January 25, 2016

Tachrichin (burial shrouds) for sale

Most hospitals, today have gift shops and food courts which brings in an extra income for the hospital.

Probably the first such shop in a hospital was the Bikur Cholim Hospital in Yerushalayim, established almost 200  years ago.

The shop didn't sell flowers or chocolates. 

When “The Ashkenazi Perushim Hospital”
(original name before it changed to Bikur Cholim Hospital)
opened up, the Rabonim made a Takana
that  the only place one may purchase Tachrichin 
from, was  from the hospital shop.

Even people who had their own Tachrichin  had to pay the
equivalent to the hospital. 

This Takana somehow wasn't enforceable. It didn't last long
and ended up becoming  a forgotten piece of history.

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