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Why children should not light Chanukah licht?

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Why children should not light Chanukah licht?

Harav Elyashuv’s  zt”l  held,

“ A child who is under Bar Mitzvah and has
reached the age of Chinuch
should not light his own Chanukah candles. He
should rather be Yotzei from an adult’s lighting.”
Mitzvas Chinuch, requires the child  perform the Mitzvah
in the same manner as an adult would have done
to be Yotzei.  
To be mekayam Chinuch you can’t have a child
shake a lemon or a Pasul Esrog.  Chinuch requires the child to
use only a Kosher Esrog etc.

Rav Elyashuv's Chidush is, being an adult can’t be Yotzei with the
lighting of the child, הדליקה חרש שוטה וקטן, לא עשה כלום   
so too when the child is lighting for himself it is  Pasul and you
are not mekayam Chinuch with his lighting. Therefore
it is preferable for the adult to light for the child.

There are Mitzvos Sh’begufo where this rule would not apply.
Eating Matzah or eating in the Sukkah etc., since you can’t have
an adult do it for them (Mitzvah Sh’beguf) Chazal originally
instituted the Chinuch even when the child's performance
would not be  valid for an adult. (אינו בר דעת )
This exception will also hold true for Kiddush, Birkas  Hamazon
Brochos ,etc.  Even though  an adult can be Motzie him, since he
is only Yotzei as שומע כעונה  as if he said it himself  there is no
advantage having an adult make Kiddush/Brochos for the child.

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