Tuesday, November 24, 2015

הוא מצבת קברת רחל עד היום

 R. Yehuda Dovid Eisensteinע"ה in his autobiography has
an entry from June 7th 1899* Erev R.Chodesh Tamuz.
He writes he visited Kever Rochel in Bais Lechem.
“Men & women come there every Erev Rosh Chodesh
to light candles and Daven. The exact spot where Rochel
Is buried is unknown because there are other Kevorim
with Matzeivos there**. They are not exactly sure which
one is Kever Rochel. It doesen’t really matter  because the
Matzeivos  within the approximate area brings out the
התעוררות  and הרגשות  (emotions and feelings) and the
historical memories. There is  no need  to investigate the
exact stone and  location of Kevuras Rochel.”

Today we have one large tomb that is probably covering
the multiple stones.  One of them was Matzeivas Rochel.

We are all familiar with Yakov placing stones around his
head and in the morning they all became one stone.

There were multiple Matzeivos around the Kever where
Rochel is buried. Somehow they all disappeared and one
large tomb replaced them.

*50 years after Moses Montefiore renovated Kever Rochel.
** R. Binyamin (from) Todelo  who visited E.Y  in the year

1170, describes Kever Rochel having 11 stones.

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