Monday, October 12, 2015

More On Rabeinum Tam Tefilin

The Sefer Keser Rosh (Talmid of R. Chaim Volozhiner) writes: 
Reb  Chaim Volozhiner asked the Gaon 
"He understands him for not wearing Rabeinu  Tam’s Tefillin being he wears Tefillin all day long and if Rabeinu  Tam’s Tefillin are Halachchcally not considered Tefillin he doesn’t want to miss a minute without Tefillin. His question was for himself being he doesn’t wear them all day long shouldn’t he be wearing also R. Tam’s Tefillin. (in case R.Tam’s Shita is the correct one)”
The Gaon answered him if his concern is to be Yotzei Shitas Rabeinu Tam then he should also be concerned for 24/64* different Shitos.
R. Chaim V. stopped wearing  from then on R.Tam’s  Tefillin.

*2 versions  24 or 64

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