Thursday, August 27, 2015

two (too) many

Too* many Meshulachim
תרתי משמע *
In 1822  an agreement was reached amongst the various Kollelim not to send any Meshulachim to collect funds to the  territories of(Hod) Holland Germany & London. The exclusive rights to collect for the Kollel belonged to R. Zvi Hersh Lehrin zt”l who was the Gabai Tzedaka of Kollel Hod. R. Zvi Hersh was very capable, successful and trustworthy. This agreement was done so that each territory supports it's own Kollel.
In 1838 A group of Yerushalmim bought a Churva in Yerushalayim with the intention to rebuild it as a Shul. There was another Shul in the neighborhood but they desired a new one. They sent a Meshulach to Chutz  La’aretz to raise money for this project.
When the  Meshulach arrived at the border of R.Z.H.L. territory , R.Zvi Hersh  held him back  from collecting. He argued that there are only limited funds to go around. If the Meshulach will be collecting for the new shul, then he will have a hard time raising money for the Aniyei E.Yisroel.
The Yeushalmi group held that R.Z.H.L. was preventing others from doing a Mitzvah(build Shul) and should be put in Cherem for doing so.
This Sheila was brought to the Chasam Sofer (O.Ch.203). The Ch. S. sided with R.Z.H. Lehrin. The main argument of the Ch.S. was being the money collected by R.Z.H. was to support the poor who learn all day, therefore it is considered for the donors own benefit. This assures that Torah remains with us and the Torah will not ch”v evaporate. Secondly even in a case where the money has already been collected for the Shul we may take it away to support the poor, so for sure we may stop them from collecting so as not to harm the poor. Since R.Z.H.L. claims having an additional collection will harm his Tzedaka he has the full right to stop them from doing so.
The Chasam Sofer seems to say these two Tzedakos takes precedence over  building a new Shul.
Kollel ( having them learn all day, guarantees the Torah to remain with us and is for our own benefit)

The poor                  (in this case it was both poor & Kollel)

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