Thursday, August 6, 2015

Holy Smokes !

The Magen Avraham has a Sheila if smoking  requires a Bracha

The Shu"t Ksav Sofer (O.Ch.24) writes that  R. Mordechai Benet zt"l made a Shehakol on food or drink before smoking and had in mind to be Motzie  the smokes.

The Shulchan Hatahor (R. Izak Kamarna zt"l) writes:
 "We don't make a Bracha on smoking because in the times of the Gemoro there was no such thing as smoking. We can't make up a Bracha on our own"

The Ba'al Shem Tov did make the Bracha before smoking. The proper Bracha for smoking was given
over to him by Eliyahu Hanavi and his Rebbi  Achiya Hashiloni. Since then it was forgotten and 
unknown to us ."

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