Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dvarim 13:2 כי יקום בקרבך

The Ba'al Haturim* writes
            בקרבך בגימטרייה זו האשה

Supposedly  the original Girsa was
בקרבך נביא, זו האשה ובנה 
The B.H. is referring to (in code)
Yoshke & his mother.
The censors removed the word ובנה .
Other Chumashim, the censors or
maybe those who didn't understand
the Pshat removed the whole piece.

The משך חכמה quotes a ספרי *
     "בקרבך לרבות את האשה"
to teach us you can have a
woman as a Nevieah and must
listen to her Hora'as Sha'a except
for Avoda Zara where you may not
listen to the Navie even for Hora'as

* We have no such Sifri but

is in Yalkut

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