Friday, August 5, 2022

Shtreimels For Litvaks -Part II

לז"נ הקדוש ר' משה בן ר' ישעיהו פרידמן הי"ד ,ג' אב 

 The Rema (O.Ch. 551: 1) writes, On Shabbos Chazon you  must wear weekday clothes (except the shirt)

The Aruch Hashulchan (551: 11)  writes ,today we do change into Bigdei Shabbos. They were Matir wearing  Bigdei Shabbos, otherwise you  will be showing Aveilus Befarhesya (public) on Shabbos .

The Rema also knew of the issur of Aveilus Befarhesya ,  he  still wouldn’t  allow
wearing Bigdei Shabbos because, in the times of the Rema the style of dress between Shabbos  and weekday  was similar. By wearing weekday clothes there is no Aveilus Befarhesya.
It is only after they started wearing Bekeshes and Shtreimels on Shabbos,  were they  Matir
wearing Bigdei Shabbos  otherwise it would be Aveilus Befarhesya.

According to the A.H. ,the Heter of wearing Bigdei Shabbos is only for
Chasidim who wear on Shabbos Shtreimels and Bekeshes.
Those who wear suits  and hats on Shabbos should wear
their weekday suit  and hat.
In Vilna the Minhag was to follow the Gaon's Psak
and they wore Bigdei Shabbos.(Chaya Adam)
I am not sure if the Psak of the Gaon was only
for when they still had unique Shabbos Begodim
or even after they changed to modern clothing.

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  1. 1) According to your logic, Chasidim should wear their weekday bekishe on Shabbos Chazon (those that wear a bekishe all week).

    2) "Those who wear suits and hats on Shabbos should wear
    their weekday suit and hat."

    Many people don't wear a suit all week, and wear one only on Shabbos. So for them to wear their weekday (non suit) garb on Shabbos would be aveilus bifrahesya, no? With the hat, your argument could be stronger.


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