Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Vort On Parshas Hashavua-Parshas Behaloischa

Vort On Parshas Hashavua-Parshas Behaloischa 

Rashi ( 9:10 D.H.Oh Baderech) "פסח שני מצה וחמץ עמו בבית
ו                                                                                                                                      ואין איסר חמץ אלא עמו באכילתו"  
(There is no Issur Chometz except if eaten together  with the Korban)

The Minchas Chinuch asks on Rashi,, "We don't find anywhere in Chazal that there is an Issur to  eat the Korban Pesach Sheini  together with Chometz."

See Meshech Chochmo (Ohr Someiach) on his Limud, why it should be Assur.

Harav Shach zt"l says Pshat in Rashi is just the opposite

אלא עמו באכילתו  = But you may eat Chometz together  with the Korban.  

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