Monday, November 1, 2021

The Unbelievable Story of the plot next to the Megaleh Amukos PART II


This unbelievable story is not to be believed, because
If this or a similar  שאלה were to have been asked from any Rav,
there is no way the Rav would come up with such a  Psak.

If the Chevra Kadisha accepted money for a particular grave
and decides to cheat him, the onus is on the Chevra Kadisha
to do Teshuva by placing  him in the grave he originally  
purchased, regardless who is next to him.

There is no need for the Niftar to attend a Din Torah and there 
is no need for the Niftar to remove himself from the old grave
and bury himself in the new one etc. 

The Chasam Sofer writes if you mix Halacha with Nistar (Kabala) you end up with Kelaim (Shatnez)

Here too if you mix a Chasidishe/Kabalistic story with a
Psak from the Bach (Ish Halacha) you end up with Kelaim.
(Halacha that doesn't make any sense)

The real* story was:  The Megaleh Amukos had a son R. Yitzchok
who was Niftar at a young age. He was buried next to his
father the M.A.. Over the years his Matzeiva disintegrated.
The Chevra Kadisha decided to replace it with a new one.
The script on the old Matzeiva was illegible.Very little was
known about him so they wrote on the Matzeiva "Yagid Olov Reio"
The fact that he was buried next to his great father proves he
must have been a great man . 

* I have personally seen a picture of the Yagid Olov Reio
Matzeiva, taken before the war. (WW2)  The name" R. Yitzchok "
son of the M.A. is clearly legible
This version of the story was supposedly recorded in the
Pinkas of the Krakower Chevra Kadisha

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