Monday, June 15, 2015

The Egg With The Bloodspot Shailo

Rochel borrowed an egg from her neighbor . When she cracked it and opened it, she found a blood spot  and  threw it out.

Does Rochel have to pay  back an egg to her neighbor?



  1. The Shevet Halevi, Vol. 10:133, was asked this question and he says that if one buys eggs which turn out to have blood spots it should be considered a מקח טעות (a mistaken purchase), but the custom is not to consider it a מקח טעות because it is impossible to determine the nature of the eggs before they are sold.

    And if one borrowed eggs and some of them had blood spots, the lender cannot ask for good ones in place of the bloody ones and it might even be forbidden for the borrower to return the full amount of eggs because of ribbis (interest).

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