Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Meshech Chochmo On Parshas Chukas

The Meshech Chochmo writes :

"The entire 40 years in the Midbar there wasn't a single רוצח בשוגג"

His proof is from the Pasuk (20:29)
ויבכו את אהרן -- כל בית ישראל .

Would there have been one רוצח in the ערי מקלט the Torah would not have written כל because the רוצח  would not have cried, he would have been happy to get out of the ערי מקלט .
Meshech Chochma


  1. But there weren't Arei Miklat in the Midbar, were there???

    1. The Machaneh Leviyim was b'makom the arei miklat, as the Meshech Chochma says.

  2. Could be that the rotzach died before aron died


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