Friday, July 8, 2022

Burning Of The Talmud-Erev Shabbos Parshas Chukas

The Mogen Avraham #580  quotes The Tanya Rabosi   “ On Friday Parshas
Chukas, Yechidim (individuals) fast. That day 20 [24] wagons of seforim were
 burnt. The fast day was established on Friday Chukas rather than the 9th of Tamuz,
 because they made a Sheilos Chalom if the Gezeira was from Shomayim.

The answer came back,  the Targum of Zos Chukas Hatorah “ DO

GEZEIRAS ORYSA” This is a Gezeira from Shomayim and it is on Fridays of

 Parshas Chukas.

The year 1244, was the first time they burned the Talmud in the main

square of Paris. R. Yechiel of Paris had a talmid Nicholas Dunin,

who became a Meshumad , he accused the Talmud of being against

the Notzrim and Oso Haish.

R. Yechiel of Paris and R. Moshe miKutzi (Smag) tried to defend the

Talmud, but to no success.

Their argument was that when the Gemoro discusses the Oso Haish it

Is not necessarily the Christian one. There were at least three different

Meshichei Sheker in the Gemoro.

After the burning of the Talmud, R. Yechiel of Paris moved to Akko .

Hence the first of the Ba’alei Tosfos in Eretz Yisroel.

R.Hillel Virona* writes the Talmud was burnt on the same square they

burned the Moreh Nevuchim. The Rambam's opponents finally realized

they  wronged  the Rambam.

*Talmid of R. Yonah who originally was an opponent of the Rambam.

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