Friday, June 26, 2015

An Aufruf According To Minhag Ashkenaz

Had we kept to our original Minhagim going back to the times of the Maharil, (father of Minhagei Ashkenaz.)  the Aufruf would have looked different than the way it’s done today.

 For starters, Aufruf and Bavarfen were two separate and different ceremonies. The Aufruf was called Shpinholtz .

The Shabbos before the wedding:  On Friday night they celebrated with the Chosson similar to a Sholom Zochor. In the morning a special Piyut was said in Shul. There was a special Nusach of Reshus  to call  up the Chosson to the Torah (like we do on Simchas Torah).

 After his Aliyah they sang the Piyut Echod Yochid from R. Avigdor Kara.

 The Shabbos Haftorah (Rema O.Ch. 428:8) was replaced with a special one for the occasion (Sos Osis – Yeshayahu 61) 

No candies etc. were thrown at the Choson.

The Bavarfen took place on the day of the wedding. Early morning when it was still dark, the Chosson and Kallah were brought to the Shul Hof (Shul court yard) accompanied with torches. The Chosson was brought to the Kallah by the Rov. Chosson & Kallah held hands and wheat kernels were thrown at them. The words Pru Urvu was said three times. The Kallah was taken back home and the Chosson went inside the Shul to Daven Shacharis.

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