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The Sholosh Shavous -Daf Yomi

The Gemoro says on the Pasuk in Shir Hashirim:
                        השבעתי אתכם בנות ירושלים

The 3 Shvuos Hashem made. 2 with the Bnei Yisroel and 1 with the Goyim.

1) They should not go up (to E. Yisroel) all together by force like a wall

2) They should not rebel against the Goyim

3) The Goyim should not oppress the Yidden  harshly .

The Satmarer Rebbe, R, Yoel Teitelbaum zt"l writes in the Hakdama to his Sefer VaYoel Moishe:

 "The sin that brought the Holocaust to the Jewish nation, was for transgressing the שלש שבועות . (Zionism)."

The Avnei Nezer (Y.D. 2: 454)  writes on the Agedeta of the שלש שבועות

“ It is a very difficult Agada, and from Hashem I will ask to guide me—“

One of the many question he has on the Agada is:

You can be Mashbia others only if the Nishba accepts the Shevua. 

The Ramban writes “When Moishe was Mashbia the Bnei Yisrael to accept the Torah , they accepted the Shvua,  as Rashi says on the Pasuk of אלה דברי הברית - they accepted the Torah
באלה ובשבועה  . Also, on Har Grizim & Har Aivol they  answered Amen on the Shvuah.

Where and when did the Bnei Yisrael accept the 3 Shvuos?

We don’t find Shlomo Hamelech to have gathered the Bnei Yisroel for them to be Mashbia them to accept the  3 Shvuos.

Furthermore, exactly  whom, where, when and how  was he Mashbia the Goyim?

The Avnei Nezer answers, “The Zohar asks ,when Hashem went to the other nations to accept the Torah, to whom exactly was this proposal presented, and which Navi of theirs rejected the Torah?”

The Zohar answers “ Hashem went to their  שר (Angel in charge of  the nation) in heaven.

Similarly  the 3 Shvuos were not done with the physical Bnei Yisroel, but with the שורש נשמותיהן למעלה .(their Neshama)

That’s why it says השבעתי אתכם בנות ירושלים

The Zohar in Parshas ויחי writes that “Bnos Yerushalayim” refers  to the Neshama.

We find this concept in Chazal of Mashbi’in Es Haneshama  before it enters this world  תהא צדיק ואל תהא רשע

This Shvua is only for the Neshama and not for the Guf . The Bnei Yisrael were required to physically accept the Shvua in the times of Moishe, otherwise they would not have been punished for transgressing any of the Mitzvos.

The Avnei Nezer concludes that since the 3 Shvuos were only with the Neshama and not the Guf,
there is no punishment* for transgressing them.

*He has a lengthy explanation on
אם לאו אני מתיר בשרכם

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