Thursday, May 7, 2015

Historical facts, very few know of-Lag Baomer -Taamei Haminhagim

One hundred years ago there lived in Lemberg a Shochet named, Reb Avraham Yitzchok Sperling 

As a young man he was always interested in Minhagim and the reasons behind them.

He collected hundreds of Minhagim with their reasons and published the Sefer "Ta'amei HaMinhagim."

This Sefer was an instant success as a best seller. It was reprinted at least six times in his
lifetime. (unheard of in those days)

The original Sefer had only three entries for Lag Baomer:

1) Tachanun is not said.

2) Children play with bows & arrow.

3) To increase lit candles.

The reason for so few entries is because in those days Lag Baomer, in
Chutz Laaretz was a very minor occasion even for Chasidim..

To be continued....
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