Monday, April 20, 2015

What is the correct Nusach For Birchas Ilanos הלא דבר הוא

According to Kabbalah, the Birchas Hailonos should be said only in Chodesh Nissan. This year trees in most of North America, haven’t blossomed yet . We will  make the Bracha Iy"h  in Iyar. According to Halacha, most Poskim hold  it is perfectly acceptable to make the Bracha in the months of Adar or Iyar.
In Shas Bavli & Yerushalmi, Zohar, Poskim (Tur Sh. Aruch 233) and all Sidurim printed over 300 years ago, the Nusach of the Bracha ends "Shelo Chisar Bo’olamo KLUM".

Most Siddurim  today have the Nusach is "Shelo Chisar Bo'olamo DOVOR".

Why the change?

For Answer click HERE

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