Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Minhag Of Chapping Challah

This is not Shlisel Challah 

Chappen Challah  (grabbing Challah)

At many Simchos  there is a Minhag to cut up the large Seuda Challah and pass it around to the guests.

The origin of this Minhag goes back to  the times of R. Akiva Eiger zt”l . In Pozen & surrounding towns the Minhag was for the guest to grab away the Challa (Motzie) from the Choson,

(after he ate the first Kezayis). 

It was done so , for a Remez to show that this Chasuna  there is no” Motzie  Ani Mar Mimoves”  but

“Motzo Isho Motzo Tov. “

Later on they changed it to a more civilized manner to have the waiter cut up the Challah and serve

the Motzie to the guest.

Not knowing the reason, they followed this Minhag at other Simchos as well. (Bris, Bar Mitzvah etc.)

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  1. Yasher ko'ach for your very interesting blog!

    Where is this minhag brought down?


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