Monday, March 9, 2015

L'Kovod the upcoming Bris from My Einikel

The Maharil writes the reason we say at a Bris, "Hodu
Lashem  Ki Tov*",twice, is because the Gemoro says Arbo'o Tzrichin L'Hodos.

One of the four who need to thank is someone who gets out of
prison. The baby coming out of the mother's womb is like coming out of prison. 

The second time is for the Mother (Cholanis)

In Posen (R.A.Eiger zt"l) they were Meikal (lenient) on yellow babies.
Brisos  were performed on babies who were light yellow, because most babies from wealthy families are usually yellow.
(Teshuvas R.A.E.Hachodosh #5)

Since Krias Hashem doesn't require a Kos (wine) R.A.Eiger drank the wine immediately after the Bracha (Asher Kidash Yedid) before Krias Hashem, so there shouldn't be a Hefsek.

According to the Chasam Sofer (O. Ch 158-9) The Mohel and  all who assist him, have the Segulah of becoming rich. (not only Sandek ) provided they volunteer (no remuneration).

The Segulah of Sandeko'os overpowers the Mazal. Even if someone was born in a Mazal to be a poor man, can become rich. Therefore we try to spread the Segulah to many people.

All Mohalim  were born in the Mazal to be rich. Therefore there is no need to spread the Segulah. The same Mohel may perform many Brisos in the same family.

*טוב= מילה, ותרא כי טוב, נולד מהול

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