Tuesday, March 31, 2015

קונטרס ואת עמלינו- FREE DOWNLOAD-TODAY ONLY 2nd edition

Just send an e-mail that you are interested in the free kuntres to torasaba2000@gmail.com 

Topics Include :

1.            Zohar Moshe Rabeinu died twice
2.             Chalas Oni – Most popular Jewish name
3.             How many times Shabbos Hagadol in a year?- Shehecheyonu for Bedikas Chametz
4.             Why Shabbos Hagadol ?
5.             Infants fasting –  Chacham fun de Ma Nishtana
6.             Why no Urchatz for Mayim Achronim
7.             Eliyahu Hanavi at the door     
8.             Yagen Haz is not a yogurt
9.             Double dipping
10.         Chumra not to steal
11.         Mordechai Richlers grandfather and the fifth cup
12.         The Mitzvah of not doing it—Who understands will understand
13.         365 days from Pesach
14.         What is a Matzah?
15.         Why not to say Parshas Ha’mon
16.         Kaparos for the Seder- Didn’t cross the Yam Suf
17.         What time for Makas Bechoros –eating Matza- eating Chametz
18.         Unbelievable story

19.         Gebrokts, Machine Matzos & Kitniyos

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