Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Chasam Sofer vs. The Rosh Yeshiva-Parshas Yisro

The Chasam Sofer (Parshas Terumah) writes:

"The Luchos had 21 ממי"ן סתומות  (Mem Sofis) and 2  סמכי"ן .The Gematria = 960  same as

The Mogen Avraham writes, the reason we spill 16 times from the wine (Seder night)
because the sword of Hashem is called יו הך 

The Chasam Sofer adds to this -The Shishim Giborim (60) are Mevatel from the Bnei Yisroel the Cherev.(16)

And even though the Mazik is a Beryah it is Batel with 960*

A Rosh Yeshiva sent in a letter to a Torah Journal called "Kerem Shlomo" (Bobov)
exclaiming in wonderment, because he found   22  ממי"ן סתומות  (not 21)

He ends his letter "דו"ק ותשכח וצ"ע  "

I counted and found the  Heiligeh Zeidah was right with his count. There are only 21 ממי"ן סתומות

A Peleh on the Rosh Yeshiva and on the Journal.

read here

see Rosh P. Gid Hanasha #33

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