Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rashbi argues on the Zohar ???

Yerushalmi Shekalim
Perek 6 Halachah 1 (16b):

How were the Luchos written?

R. Chanina ben Gamliel says 5 dibros on each Luach (5+5) 

The Rabonan says 10 on each Luach (10 +10)

R. Shimon bar Yochai says 20 on each Luach (20+20). 

10 in the front & 10 in the back of each Luach. 

R. Simai says 40  on each Luach
(40+40) 10 dibros on all 4 sides of each Luach.

Had this been a  Machlokes in Halacha, we would definitely  not pasken like Reb Chanina ben Gamliel  who said it had 5 dibros on each Luach. (daas yochid, all others claim
to have at least,10 dibros)

It is interesting that all pictures and Luchos in Shuls  depict only 5 dibros on each Luach.

The Zohar* also holds, like Reb Chanina Ben Gamliel. that it 
had  only 5 dibros on each Luach.(5+5)

It seems, R.Shimon bar Yochai,
who said it had 10 dibros on both sides. (20+20)
would argue on the Zohar.(only 5)


*Parshas Yisro, Rashi Shir Hashirim # 4:5

Click here for some more information on who wrote the Zohar 

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