Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chasam Sofer And Chasidim

There are numerous Teshuvos, Chasam Sofer where he
is critical of Chasidim who claim their Nusach Hatefilah
(Sfard/ Ari) to be superior over Nusach Ashkenaz. (reason they switched from Ashkenaz to Sfard)

The Chasam Sofer opposed this so strongly that he ended up asking Mechila from the Yismach Moishe.(for going overboard in his opposition)

There is however, a Tehuvas Maharashdam (O..Ch 35)
who claims, The Sephardic Paytonim  have a simpler
language,where everybody can understand, whereas the
Ashkenazi Paytonim use difficult words and even the
Shatz doesn't understand what he is saying..

He therefore even recommends to switch to Nusach Sfard, which is a superior Nusach.  He claims "Al Titosh Toras Imecha is only applicable when there is a small Issur involved  and not for changing a Nusach Hatefilah.

The Ch. Sofer (Hagohos O.Ch.68) writes that the Mahrashdam
wasn't aware of the Magen Avraham(68) who writes. "you are
not allowed to change the Nusach Hatefilah because
there are 12 gates in heaven, one for each Shevet. Each one 
has his own Minhag. The Yerushalmi says, they are all equal
 you should not change from the Minhag of your fathers."

Had the Maharshdam been aware of this M.A., he wouldn't
have written what he wrote..

This coming Shabbos (Zachor) in the Piyut from E.b. Kalir:

                                                                                                                               אץ קוצץ בן קוצץ , קצוצי לקצצ, בדבור מפוצץ,רצןצי לרצץ

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