Friday, January 9, 2015

Made To Measure-Parshas Shmos

R.Baruch Epstein z”l (Torah Temima) writes that when he came to America, he was invited to a party. They asked him there:

“why do Chareidim , (both men and women) wear long clothes”. 

He answered them:
In this week’s Parsha it says -ושאלה אשה משכנתה
Women should borrow clothes  from their neighbors.
 ושמתם על בניכם ועל בנתיכם .
And you shall dress them on the children..
Why ,only dress  the children and not the adults?
The answer must be, The Mitzrim wore short clothes and  Yidden wouldn’t wear short clothes.
Therefore the Torah tells them to use it to dress the children.

For them, the length would be a perfect fit .

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