Friday, December 26, 2014

The Gemoro (Bava Basra 91a) says that the name of Avraham Avinu's mother was Amaslai bas Karnevu.*

Rashi explains the reason the Gemoro is telling you this information, is because we all know the names of
the mothers of Yitzchok and Yakov, so we might as well know the name of Avraham's mother.

Most of us know the  names of Yehuda's(2nd) & Yosef's wives ,so we might as well know names of the other
Shivtei Koh's wives..

The Hadar Zekeinim in Parshas Pinchas  quotes the names of the wives from the Midrash   (exception
Yehudahs 1st wife is from the Sefer Hayoshor)


ראובן--- אליורם
שמעון--- דינה- בונה
לוי--- עדינה י"א  אותה
יהודה--- עלית- תמר
יששכר--- ארידה
זבולון--- מרושה
דן--- אפללת
נפתלי--- מרימת
גד--- עוצית
אשר--- הדורה
יוסף--- אסנת
בנימין--- מחליאמחליא 

The most popular Jewish name was חצרן . The 70 Yordei Mitzrayim
all had different names except for the two Chetzrons  1) son of Ruvain
2) son of Peretz.

* R. M.B. Weissmandel zt"l, writes he found in a sefer that if someone is ch"v in a danger, he should
say the name.(Amaslai bas Karnevu) -Btw.Haman's mother's name was also Amaslai.

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