Monday, December 29, 2014

Peter the Apostate-Who Was He /

The Hagahos Baruch Ta’am (Frankel) (O.Ch.580) writes that he saw a Ksav Yad that on the 9th of Teves, Shimon Hakalfus died. He helped the Yidden when they had big Tzaros, therefore Chazal established the day he died as a fast day.
Shimon Hakalfusi also known as Shimon Kipa and better known as Peter the Apostate.  (first pope)
There is a Machlokes going back to the Rishonim, If Peter was one of ours, planted in Rome as a secret agent, to save the Yidden. Some even claim he authored “Nishmas”
נשמת- ואילו פינו – עד הנה- מי ידמה – שוכן עד
 The Dikdukei Sofrim quotes a Girsa in Rashi, that both Paul & Peter led the Christians, only to save the Yidden from  persecution. They for themselves were faithful Yidden. 
The Machzor Vitri (Talmid of Rashi) strongly opposes this opinion He calls him אותו נבל שמעון פטר חמור.
He also writes “whoever claims that Nishmas was authored by Peter will need to bring a fat Chatos when the Bais Hamikdosh will be rebuilt”.

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