Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Peter the Apostate-Who Was He-Part II

What was the Chasam Sofers opinion on Peter the Apostate

The Sefer Takanos Utefilos (R.Shlomo Shick, nephew of the Maharam Shick) writes  That the Beregsas Rov (R. Shlomo Sofer zt”l son of the Ksav Sofer) wrote to him as follows: 

“ The Kunteres that my holy Zeideh Chasam Sofer  copied the story of the Notzri*.

“On the 9th day in Teves, R. Shimon Hakalfus died.

He was the uncle of the Notzri. His mother Miriam was a sister to R.Shimon. Because R. Shimon went in the Shlichos of the Chachamim ----- Chazal established  a day of fast for  generations on the 9th day of Teves”.
This Kunteres, my Zeideh(Ch. Sofer) copied from a Christian book, written by Jahn Jakob Haltrika.--- 

לבי אומר לי  (my heart tells me**) This story doesn’t sound like a Chasam Sofer story. Although theCh. Sofer was very familiar and had a vast knowledge  in secular subjects, It probably wasn’t his style to copy stories from a Goy who wrote a book on Christianity.

R.Shlomo Shick must have been an interesting character. The Levushei Mordechai
(Mad) Y.D. 88 writes on him “all his Sefarim need Geniza.
Therefore , we shouldn't jump to conclusions, what the Ch. Sofer held of Peter the apostle.  

*Oso Ha’ish

** I have no proof

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