Monday, December 8, 2014

Din Kadima For Aveilim

In Halacha, we have, Din Kadima on different levels of Aveilim.

An Aveil within the Shiva comes before a Ben Shloshim who is before one who is in the year.
The reason for it is, The Neshama of a Niftar within the first seven days requires more Zechusim than a Neshama of a Niftar within 30 days etc. The more the need for the Neshama for Zechusim, the more priority the Aveil has.

If two people go into an equal business partnership, one partner has 12 children and the other has only one child . Would it be right for one partner to take a larger share in the income because he needs it more?

Why if two people both paying the same Shul membership fee, should one get the Amud , Kadish etc. because his relative needs it more?

See two beautiful answers from the Chasam Sofer by clicking here

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