Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halacha & Kabalah don't mix

The Chasam Sofer (Shu”t O.Ch.51) writes “ Whoever mixes Divrei
Kabalah with Halacha Hapesukah is Chayav for planting כלאים  .”
Halacha and Kabalah don’t mix.

The Minchas Elozor (2:78)  criticized the Chasam Sofer for making
such a statement. He claims the Ch.S. could not have meant what
he said. We find in the Mogen Avraham quoting and Paskening
from Kisvei Ari Zal. Also the Bais Yosef  and other Poskim quote
from the Zohar and Kisvei Ari Zal. Are we going say on them they
planted Kelaim?

Hagaon Harav Shmuel Wosner Shlita defends the Chasam Sofer.
He claims that that the Rema MiFano writes that even Chochmas
Hanistar itself, you may not mix. You may not mix the Kimchi with the
Pardes or Kisvei Ari Zal with the Remak, the same way as you
may not mix Sod with Peshat.

Rav Wosner claims the Bais Yosef , Mogen Avraham etc, quote
Kabalah only when it was brought from the  Kadmonim who
understood  the Kabalah complementing  this  Halacha.
But if someone will come today and quote from a Hakdama  Al
Kisvei Ari Za,l which he probably barely understands and will explain
 a Halacha with it, In this case, we have the Rema MiFano and Chasam

Sofer who said “It is like planting Kelaim”

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