Monday, November 17, 2014

מחלת בת ישמעאל

Seven reasons,Choson& Kallah fast on day of  Chupa
1.      Their sins are forgiven (Yerushalmi Bikurim 3:3)
2.       They shouldn’t be drunk during Kidushin (Mahram Mintz)
3.       Chasidim Rishonim fast before doing Mitzvohs (Rokeach 353)
4.       To be Mevatel the Gezeirah of Tigra (strife) B’Kesubah ( Mahari Broineh93)
5.       Choson (Domeh Lemelech) is judged on day of Chupa (Mahari Broineh)
6.       It is like Matan Torah, Yidden fasted then (Tashbatz Katan 465)

7.       Not to have a Simcha Shleima (Rabeinu Efraim mi Bonn)

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