Friday, November 14, 2014

Are Jews Permitted On The Temple Mount (Har Habayis )

לז"נ ר' משה יוסף בן ר' שמעיהו זצ"ל  כ"א חשון
                                                                                                                                                                                                        גאון במדות טובות *

Shu”t Yabia Omer (5 Y.D. :26)  R. Ovadyah Yosef zt”l. writes:

“When R. Moshe Montifoire Z”l  visited Yerushalayim, he paid a large sum of money to obtain a permit to enter the Har Habayis. He and his Rabbi, entered in a box which was carried by 4 Goyim..
When the Kanaie (zealot) R. Yosef Moshe from Lisa zt”l (son of the Chavas Da’as)
heard what happened he blew with his Shofar and put R. Moshe Montifoire  in Cherem.
R.M.M. was very upset and claimed he was innocent. He was told that with a box, one may enter the Har Habayis.

The Rabonei Yerushalyim told him to ignore the Cherem for two reasons.
a.  You don’t put in Cherem for being Oiver an Issur Beshogeg.

b. The Chok Yakov (476) writes, "A person who deserves to be put in Cherem.but he supports Torah, we may forgo putting him in Cherem."

* Mori V'rabi R. Y.M. Hirshman shlita said, today
" The Gadlus of R.M.R. was his Middos Tovos. Because of
his Midos he was the greatest Ba'al Tzedakah etc.

in the world.

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