Monday, September 8, 2014

Vos Is Pshat

The Yemei Haslichos are approaching. We will be saying
everyday “   אשמנו מכל עם “ We are the guiltiest of all
Are we more guilty than the Germans, Palestinians ym”s etc.
Do we think and believe what we say?

What we really are saying

אשמנו is not part of the Vidui,(confession) it's a statement to Hashem.  No other nation has suffered as much as  the Jewish nation. We have been punished and treated as if, we were the guiltiest of all nations.
After having said the Vidui (אשמנו בגדנו ) we claim to Hashem we indeed, have sinned  however we have been punished already.*

* heard in the name of the Lutzker Rav R.Zalmen Sorotzkin zt"l

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