Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Is Hachnasas Kallah ? -Daf Yomi-Megila 29A

הכנסת כלה
Daf Hashavua                                
Megillah 29a 

The term  “Mitzvas Hachnasas Kallah” is used today, as raising funds to marry off a Kallah.
In Shas the words הכנסת כלה has a different meaning.

Rashi explains L’hachnasas Kallah “ללותה מבית אביה לבית חופתה
(to accompany her from her fathers home to the house of the Chupa)

The actual Mitzva of Hachnasas Kallah is to  come and celebrate at the Chupa.

The Yosef Ometz writes:
"Mitzvah Gedolah of Hachnasas Kallah is one of the Mitzvos that have no shiur
(monetary donations do have a shiur) (Mishna Peiah 1:1 )
Most people are not makpid at all to be mekayam this Mitzvah. Even when they hear the announcement to come to the Chupa or they see the walking of the Kallah to the Chupa, They refrain to go even though they have no loss in money etc.—
Therefore it is very important to be diligent in this Mitzva Kalla (easy Mitzva) which has great rewards."

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