Monday, August 11, 2014

חמשה עשר באב

Tu baav :

The Gemoro (Sotah 44a):
  ת"ר אשר בנה אשר נטע אשר ארש לימדה
תורה ד"א שיבנה אדם בית ויטע כרם ואח"כ ישא אשה                            

When going to fight in a war, the questions were asked in this order.The reason was  to teach us ones priority in life:

 A)is to build a house 
 B)plant a vineyard and then 
 C)to get married.

The Satmar Rebbe zt”l (Vayoel Moshe, Lashon Hakodesh 2) says that  this Chazal refers to a second marriage. For the first marriage  Marriage comes first, even before Parnasah and housing.

His proof is, The minimum age to serve in the army was 20 years. A person who at age 20, isn't married is a Choteh (sinner) and wasn't eligible to go to war.

For a 20 year old, who never got married, these questions would not be applicable, .
The Pasuk must be referring to someone who was once married already at age 18 and is up to his second marriage.

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