Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The two original sources for the Red String (רויטע בענדל )

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One of the "holiest" Jewish practices, is to place a red string on the wrist. By doing so, you will be protected from all evil that exists in the world, Ayin Hora, bad dreams,all sicknesses, etc.
 According to some Kabbalists you will even be blessed with good health, children and lots of wealth. This red string works best if it has surrounded the Matzeivah of Kever Rochel.
The practice of red string goes back to the times of the Tannaim.  The Tosefta (Shabbos 7: 1)  enumerates all the practices that are forbidden because of Darkei Emori. One of them is placing a red string on a finger.

The Kitzur Smag writes if there will be a time, ch”v where putting on Tefillin will be outlawed, then one shall tie a red string on his hand to remember the Tefillin.
This suggestion sounds strange and ridiculous.
One shouldn’t be surprised finding crazy statements In the Kitzur Smag.  The real Mechaber of this Sefer was a Goyishe priest, named Sebastian Munster  Yemach Shemo

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