Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Riddle From The Terumas Hadeshen

A chicken jumped on the apple tree and apples fell off the tree. You may not eat the apples.
A few minutes later the chicken laid an egg. Now you may eat the apples.

The Leket Yosher* quotes this riddle from his Rebbe the Terumas Hadeshen.

The Gemoro** says , animals who mate only in the daytime, give birth in the daytime. Chickens mate only in the day, therefore lay their eggs only in the day.

If the apples fell off the tree on a  Friday afternoon, Bein  Hashemosos  therefore it is unknown if it was before or after night (Shabbos), the apples may not be eaten (on Shabbos)

If however, the chicken laid an egg after the apples fell.  We then assume it must have been daytime and the apples may be eaten on Shabbos.

*Page104 O.Ch

**Beitzah. 7a

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