Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chavas Yair


The Chavas Yair (R. Yair Chaim Bachrach) writes in his Hakdama, one of the reasons he named the Sefer” Chavas Yair”, was in memory of his grandmother Chava zt”l (interesting he uses zt”l for a woman)
She was exceptional in her learning. She learned from a Midrash with no Meforshim . She was Mechadesh her own Peirushim.

Many times her Pshotim were different than the Matnos Kehuna. When her Pshotim were compared, by Talmidei Chachamim they all agreed that her Pshat was better.
She also did so on  Machzor, Selichos Chumash & Nach. 

There were times where Gedolei Hador  had problems in Pshat, and she had the right Pshat.

Her Tzidkos and Chesed were so outstanding that it can’t be described on paper.

She became an Almana at age 30 and wouldn’t remarry Lekovod her husband.

The Shlah Hakadosh wanted to marry her, but she refused him. The Shlah Hakadosh said on himself, “ my sins were the cause, I wasn’t Zoche to be paired (married) to
such a holy body. ( עוונתי גרמו שלא זכיתי להזדווג לגוף קדוש כזה )”

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