Monday, July 7, 2014

Avu es iz doh Toireh iz doh Chochmo

A dying person wrote in his Halachic will, If his pregnant wife will have a son, The son shall receive 2/3 of his assets and his wife shall receive 1/3 of  his assets.
If she will have a daughter, then, the wife shall receive 2/3 of his assets, and the daughter shall receive 1/3 of his assets.
His wife had twins, a boy and a girl.
How do you divide the assets?

Reb. Chaim Brisker solved this with a very simple solution. The dying husband wanted his son to receive twice as much as his mother. He also wanted the mother to receive twice as much as her daughter.
Therefore you divide the assets into seven parts. The son gets 4 parts, the mother gets 2 parts and the daughter gets 1 part.

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