Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1,000 Words Starting With Alef

אלף אלפין ישמשוניה ורבו רבבן קדומהי              
Daniel 7
R. Moshe Zechus wrote a poem containing 1,000 words  all starting with the letter Alef.
He named it  אלף אלפין based on the Pasuk
( In Daniel the translation is, thousand times a thousand-million)

Since then, there were three more people who wrote אלף אלפין poems with a thousand Alefs.
One of them was a Rev.J. Kohn- Zedek (Katz ?) who wrote a Hesped on R. Nosson Adler zt”l chief Rabbi Of England Mechaber of Nesina Lageir.

EvenThe Shar Blatt has many alefs 


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