Wednesday, May 8, 2019

לז"נ הקדוש הב' מנחם שלמה בן ר' אברהם אשי הי"ד ב' דר"ח אייר

R. S.Z. Auerbach & R.Y.S. Elyashuv zt”l both hold that A person who is scheduled for
surgery during Sefira and knows he won’t be able to count that whole day, may
start counting Sefira with a Bracha.

R. Chaim Kanyevsky shlita argues and holds , he may not start with a Bracha.

I am just wondering, according to R.Chaim, if someone dies during Sefira, are the

Brachos he said a Bracha Levatala ?  Probably the answer is no.  Why not?

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