Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chalas Oni For Shabbos

Everybody heard of Schlissel Challa. Has anyone heard of Four Corner Challa or Challas Oni ?

The Mogen Avraham (O.Ch.430) writes," the Reshal used to darshen that everybody should bake a Challah (before Pesach) using the Pesachdike flour, so if there was any  Chometz in the flour,we will assume that the Chometz was baked in the Challah and eaten. It is also a good thing to give this Challah to an Oni (poor man)
The Noheg Katzon Yosef quotes the Rosh “The Minhag on Erev Shabbos Hagodol  is to bake
Challahs Oni from the whole Kehilla and distribute it to the Aniyim. From the time this
Minhag was  neglected, a curse was sent on the grain.”

The Kol Bo (52) writes,"there is a minhag for women to bake on Shavuos
a long bread with four corners (points) lezecher the Shtei Halechem

(looks like 2 breads) or because  Mazal Sivan is Teomim (twins)"

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