Friday, June 14, 2019

The Kesonos Pasim

When the Kohanim  chant  during  Birchas Kohanim , It is customary to say 

 ותתננו לאהבה—כשם שנתת את יוסף צדיקך בשעה שהלבישו אביו כתונת פסים לחן
ולחסד ולרחמים בעינך ובעיני כל רואיו *                                                                 

The obvious question is what kind of Chen was there at the time                               when  Yosef received the Kesones Pasim. On the contrary this seemed to be the reason for the hatred of the brothers

I asked this question to Mori V’rabi Hagaon R. Shlomo Miller shlita.

His answer was, that you can’t ask questions on this Tefillah.

R. Shmuel Salant zt"l claimed this to be an unreliable Tefillah.

The  מהרם מרןטנבורג, תרומת הדשן, מהרשל, רמ"א, לבוש, דרישה, של"ה, ב"ח, תוס' יו"ט, מג"א and

 all hold to say the Ribono shel Olam (for chalomos) three times

(the last one at Shalom)

It makes sense to say it three times rather than two times. To undo
A neder we say three times Muter Loch etc. Undoing bad dreams
too, should be said three times.

The Tefillah of “Yehi Ratzon” printed in most of todays Sidurim, is

from the Sharei Tzion R. Nosson Nota Hanover)

The Sharei Tzion is a collection of Kabalistic Tefilos.  R. Nosson Nota Hanover

writes in his Hakdama that these Tefillos  were taken from R.
Chaim Vital’s writings based on the Ari Zal.

In both Seforim from R. Chaim Vital “Pri Eitz Chaim & Shaar Hakavonos"

The Arizal is quoted to have said “ If one has a bad dream he should
Say the Ribono shel Olam when the Kohanim say Shalom. There

is no mention of the Yehi Ratzon.


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