Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who Am I ?

אם בעצם ידוע
עצם ידוע
אז גם ידוע

חיה ששמה ידוע

The Gemoro (Sanhedrin 65b) explains the practice of  ידעוני . You place a
 bone from an animal called  ידוע in the mouth etc.  Some people incorrectly
translate  עצם ידוע a known bone . The true translation is a bone from an
animal called ידוע.
The same mistake,those who translate incorrectly Rashi(Devarim 18:11)
חיה ששמה ידוע    an animal that its name is known. The true translation
is, an animal whose name is ידוע.

אם בעצם ידוע
                                                                If it is actually known (If you know the translation)

עצם ידוע

                                                                                          of Etzem Yadua (Gemoro Sanhedrin)
אז גם ידוע

                                                     Then it will also be known (You will also know translation)
חיה ששמה ידוע

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     of Chaya Sheshmo Yadua (Rashi)

If you know the translation of Yaduah in the Gemoro(Sanhedrin)  then you will also know the  translation of Yaduah           in Rashi(Shoftim) {  both are names of the animal }

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