Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Achron Achron Chaviv (part1)

החביב חביב קודם                                   

 ושמחתם – אתם ובניכם ובנותיכם -- 

                               Devorim 12 : 12 The Torah lists who has to be b’simcha in order of importance.
1) yourself 2) your sons 3)your daughters 4)your slaves 5) your maids.

It is customary when you call up the last speaker at a simcha or a function to say
 Achron Achron Chaviv.
It is also customary  to honour special people with Bracha Achrita.

                                Is last, more of a kibud ?

The phrase Achron Achron Chaviv  comes from Rashi in Parshas Vayishlach .
Yakov placed his family to stand in front of Eisav , in the order of his love for them.
Hence, first the Shfochos & their children then Leah & her children and Achron
Achron Chaviv. Rochel & Yosef. ( distanced farthest   from Eisav)

It is very likely that the phrase is used for when we call up the last one, just
to appease him for getting the last (least) Kibud. There is no such thing to
give the last Kibud to the one who is most beloved.

The Gemoro in Gittin 60a & Shulchan Aruch O.Ch. 136 lists whom to call up
to the Torah after Kohen & Levi. The Gemoro says you start with the most
Chashva person (Talmid Chacham& Parnes ) until you get to the last two Aliyos
(Shishi * & Shevi’ie) where everyone can be Oleh.  According to the Gemoro and
Shulchan Aruch , last is the least Kibud.

*The Zohar disagrees with the Bavli and considers Shishi a Chashuva Aliya.

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