Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shehecheyonu for Bedikas Chometz

Daf Hashavua (Pesachim 2a)

Why do we not say the Birchas Shehecheyonu for Bedikas Chometz?

1) Gaonim : It is a mitzvah that is not always done with Simcha. You might find A nice piece of Chametz and be required to destroy (burn) it.

2) Ba’al Haitur: There is no set time to do the Bedika. If someone leaves his house
In middle of the year and plans to return on Pesach , he is required to do Bedikas Chametz in middle of the year.

3 Meiri : The Mitzva is linked to the Lo Ta’aseh of not having Chametz. On a L.T. no Shehecheyanu
Is said.

4) Rosh : The Shehecheyanu at Kiddush, includes all Mitzvos of Pesach.

ps. Thanks to my nephew R. Ari Dick N.Y. who informed me The Meiri's reason 

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