Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't Ask

                            “Vayomer Mi Ha’anoshim Haeileh Imoch  

                                 (Hashem asked Bilam ,”who are these people with you.”)
The Rabeinu Bachya (Bechaya) writes , “We don’t find anywhere in Tanach, Hashem asking questions,
except when he does so to Reshoim, to fool them so he can destroy them. That’s the reason Hashem
asked Kayin,” Ayhei Hevel Achicha”.

What about when Hashem asked,
1) Adam- Ayeka, (Breishis 3-9)
2) Moshe – Ma Zeh Beyadecha, (Shmos 4-2)

3) Eliyahu -Ma Lecha Poh Eliyahu, (Melochim 1- 19 -9)

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