Friday, February 22, 2013

The big mistake on this parsha (Tezaveh)

The pasuk “V’nishma  Kolo B’vo’oh el Hakodesh” (Shmos 28- 36)
(You shall hear it’s (bells on the me’il of the Kohen Gadol)
sound when he enters the Kodesh)

The Torah Temimah quotes a Yerushalmi  ( Yoma  perek 7 hl. 3 )
Yavo Kol  V’yechaper Al  Kol Hahoreg  Nefesh  ( The sound of the bells should
come and forgive for the sound of  one who kills a person)

The T.T. explains what does sound  have to do with murder.
He says we find by Kayin the pasuk says “Kol Dmei Achicha Tzoakim”.

If you look up the Yerushalmi you will realize that the T.T. made a
hugh mistake.

The Yerushalmi says two things had no kaporoh ,  1) Lashon Harah   2)  Killing
a person B’shogeg.
On Lashon Harah (KOL- sound) Yavo Kol  V’yechaper Al  Kol.  ( STOP_PERIOD)
Hahoreg  Nefesh  Yavo misas Kohen Gadol.

The T.T.  read it Yavo Kol  V’yechaper Al  Kol  Hahoreg  Nefesh  without the period.

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