Thursday, April 18, 2019

6 Reasons to be machmir, not to steal the Afikomen . REPOSTED

 On Pesach we search for additional chumros, especially a chumra that others don’t have.  
            Few people have the  chumro  of not stealing the afikomen.  

 1)      The Archos Chaim quotes the Meorei Ohr that the minhag of stealing the Afikomen
 is  made up stupidity and whoever refrains from this minhag is praiseworthy. The Goyim
 say that  Jews teach their children to steal lezecher the Jews who stole from the Mitzrim.

 2)      R. Chaim Brisker said, since the Korban Pesach needs to be watched from  
 the Shechita until it is eaten and you must not be masiach daas ,  the same applies to
 the Afikomen which is lezecher the Korban Pesach, you must not be masich daas
from it and must know where it is all the time.

3)The Halichos Teimon says to refrain from this minhag so as not to teach our children
             to steal.

4)The Darkei Chaim V’sholom (Minchas Elozor) writes that al pi kabalah the afikoman should not

             be  removed from the room where the seder takes place and should remain under the pillow until

5) The issur  geneivah is applicable even if it is done as a joke. (Choshen Mishpat 348 – 1)

6) Issur of V’daber Dovor  (certain talk is assur on Shabbos & Yom  Tov),I  f the child asks the  father
to buy him a camera (muktza) at a store that is out of town ( chutz l’tchum)  (any one of the 3 issurim on Yom Tov).

 6b)  If father says I will buy a camera at an out of town store.

        *Shulchan Aruch  O. Ch. 429 - 1

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