Monday, December 3, 2012

How many aveiros are there, that the halacha requires a person to let himself be killed, rather than to be oiver the aveira (yehoreig v'al ya'avor)?

                         According to tosfos Sotah 10b there are at least 4
The gemara learns from the story of Tamar and Yehudah that you should rather
let yourself be thrown  in a burning furnace than embarrass a person in public.

Tosfos asks why does the gemara in Pesachim 25a list only three aveiros and not
four (Hamalbin  Pnei Chaveiro -)
Tosfos answers the list of Pesachim  (gimmel aveiros) are only those
aveiros that are mentioned befeirush in the Torah. Not to embarrass a
person is not mentioned befeirush in the Torah.
 Even though it’s not mentioned befeirush, it is an aveirah that’s  yehoreig v’al ya’avor.

PS. I did not word the question right. There are times where on all 613 mitzvohs
the din would be yehoreig v'al ya'avor. (shmad, chillul hashem- befarhesya)

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